Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to visit. This website is owned by The privacy policy of this website is designed to tell you how to collect, use and disclose information that users may provide through the website. Please read all the contents of the privacy policy of the website before using this website or providing information to the website. The use of this website must comply with relevant laws, regulations and the privacy policy of the site.

Once you use this website, you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms of the privacy policy of the site. Whenever you provide information through this website, you are deemed to agree to collect, use and disclose such information in accordance with its privacy policy.

(1) You can visit our website and get information anonymously. Before this website requests you to provide relevant information, this website will explain the purpose of this information. Some services can only be provided after you register. In general, this kind of registration only requires you to provide some basic information. If in some cases, please provide more information, in order to make this website better understand your needs, in order to provide you with more effective services. The information collected by this website includes user name, email, etc. you have the right to decide not to accept any information from us at any time.

(2) Your registration obligation: if you want to use the service provided by this website after registration, you should agree to the following matters: provide your true, correct and complete information according to the tips of this service registration form, and update the registration information at any time to ensure that it is correct and complete. If you provide any wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete information, this website will not be able to provide you with complete services.

(3) This website will take reasonable security measures to protect your stored personal information. This website will not publish or disseminate any information registered by users in this website, except for the following circumstances:

1. Obtain the user’s explicit authorization in advance;

2. According to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations;

3. According to the judgment or award of the court or arbitration organization, as well as the requirements of other judicial procedures;

4. According to the requirements of relevant government departments;

5. You violate the provisions of the terms of use or have other acts that damage the interests of this website.

(4) You should be aware that this website may disclose personal data in accordance with the requirements of the law, be convinced in good faith that such practice is necessary for the following:

1. Comply with the legal notice;

2. Protect the rights or property of users of this website;

3. In case of emergency, in order to protect the personal or public safety of this website and its users.

Modification of this privacy policy

If this privacy policy is modified, the modified content will be published on this website. Please check it in time, especially before you submit the privacy information.